GTA Online Final Update Wishlist Shared by Fans

GTA Online

The present online version of GTA 5 has given gamers plenty of stuff to indulge and delight in over the years. However, with plenty of scope for expansion, Grand Theft Auto players have started sharing their wish list of what they desire to have in the final update of the game.

A Reddit user by the name AnimeGokuSolos started a discussion asking GTA online players to express what they would like to experience in the game.

What kind of final update do y’all want to see in GTA online?
byu/AnimeGokuSolos ingtaonline

New Housing Options and Heists

One of the first things in the wish list that is being asked for by gamers is new housing choices like mansions. While the game offers players a plethora of apartments and houses to choose from, they have never been able to flaunt their affluence with a mansion similar to that owned by Michael in the story mode offered by GTA 5. They also expressed their desire for new heists to be accomplished.

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Characters of GTA 5

Players are requesting to bring back popular characters like Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to the game. Interestingly, these three characters were the main protagonists of GTA 5. This demand has only intensified after Franklin made his re-entry in The Contract DLC and Michael makes his presence felt beyond the GTA 5.

Mile High Club Completion

Gamers have voiced their views about their desire to see the Mile High Club in the completed stage. The club has been in the in-progress construction stage ever since the inception of the game. No change has been made in any of the successive updates.

Accessibility to Insides of Restaurants

The present version of GTA Online does not allow players to make their way into diners and restaurants as they did in earlier versions. This permission is something that GTA Online players have expressed in their wish list.

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As the release date of GTA 6 is drawing closer, it is still yet to be known what GTA Online will go through once GTA 6 is out for the public in 2025. While gamers will have to eventually bid adieu to this game format, many players are still hopeful about being able to continue playing this game for quite some time.

However, with the money and time gamers across the globe have spent on the online version, it is almost a certain fact that they will not be pleased with a complete server shutdown. Having said this, it is also not feasible to port the characters directly to the online GTA 6 counterpart if it is released.

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