GTA 6 Characters: Here’s What We Know About Them Till Now


Despite the first trailer of GTA 6 being out, there is still an air of mystery around the characters in the game!

The first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, which came out in December last year, gave fans enough material to talk about. Apart from offering fans a glimpse into the world of GTA 6, it also introduced them to some of the key characters that will be seen in the game.

Two characters who have been spoken about extensively in the past and were seen in the trailer as well are Jason and Lucia. While Jason will be seen as the male lead in the game, Lucia will be the female protagonist. These two GTA 6 characters were earlier teased in the infamous GTA leak which took place in September 2022.

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When Rockstar Games announced that it would drop the first trailer of GTA 6 in December, fans started looking forward to all that it would offer them. Since a lot has been said about the two protagonists in the game, fans wondered whether they would get to see a glimpse of them in the trailer. Rockstar did not disappoint fans and showed glimpses of the two protagonists in the trailer which had a duration of one minute and thirty seconds.

As stated earlier, the two GTA 6 characters were shown in the trailer. However, even now, there is not much that we know about the two protagonists. In the past, leakers have described them as modern-day Bonnie and Clyde who commit several crimes in and around the streets of Leonida. As per the hint dropped in the trailer, Jason and Lucia head back into the world of crime.

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Along with Jason and Lucia, the leaks have spoken about some of the other GTA 6 characters which one will get to see when the game drops. Some of the other names that have been mentioned prominently are Chester, Dale and Danny. Since they have not been shown in the first trailer, fans hope to see a glimpse of them in the trailer that comes out next.

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