GTA Online First Dose Missions: Rockstar Announces New Hard Mode Rewards

First Dose Missions

As Rockstar Games introduces additional rewards for First Dose missions in GTA Online, one expects a larger number of players to be interested in it now!

Rockstar Games has just launched the Hard Mode difficulty for First Dose missions in Grand Theft Auto Online. Among other things, this new feature offers you an array of limited-time rewards. To stand a chance to win these prizes, gamers will have to complete a few First Dose missions by February 8, 2023 while adhering to the difficulty setting.

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Four different rewards are linked to this event. What’s common to all these rewards is that they have been designed as liveries for vehicles. All the First Dose missions will provide players with 50% additional cash and RP from January 12, 2023, to January 18, 2023. This bonus proves to be even more lucrative for GTA+ subscribers as it gives them 2.25X cash and RP this particular week. The new rewards that have been announced include the Green FooliganzBrickade 6×6 livery, Speed Demon Cypher livery, Safari Ranger Entity MT livery, and Kisama Drifter Annis 300R livery.

How The New Liveries Appear To Be In GTA Online

First Dose Missions
mtl brickade

A GTA Online player can procure the MTL Brickade without paying anything if they manage to complete all six First Dose missions. Accomplishing these missions on Hard Mode is relatively easy as this particular reward does not set guidelines for how players are supposed to carry out these jobs.

Entity MT

Entity mt

The Entity MT can be best described as a supercar that was launched in the Los Santos Drug Wars at a selling price of $2,35,000. It features an HSW conversion that will cost you an additional $850,000. If you make the right modifications to it, you can drive it at a very high speed. There is no Trade Price associated with this vehicle.

Ubermacht Cypher


The Ubermacht Cypher is a vehicle that has been around for a very long time. While it is priced at $1,550,000, GTA Online players have the chance of acquiring it at its Trade Price which stands at $1,162,500. To avail of the Trade Price, the players will have to adhere to the LS Car Meet Reputation System.

Kisama Drifter


The Kisama Drifter is one of those vehicles that were launched as a part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. When available, it can be bought at a price of $2,075,000.

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