GTA Online: 3X Rewards, Bonuses and Other Content Revealed For The Week

GTA online

This week, again, GTA Online players get the opportunity to use some interesting rewards and offers to their advantage.

Every week, Grand Theft Auto fans look forward to the perks, bonuses and rewards it will offer them. For this week, GTA Online has revealed its bonuses and perks.

In this particular week, GTA Online fans can earn a variety of unique items along with extra GTA$.

Recently, GTA Online received a very important update that led to the inclusion of a bunch of new missions and jobs that players could explore. The Los Santos Drug Wars marked the arrival of new vehicles and clothing in the game. Apart from that, significant quality-of-life improvements were made to the game. The new weekly update has provided players with interesting bonuses that complement this content. Those who have already acquired the previously released content will benefit greatly from the bonuses.

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One of the most interesting aspects of GTA Online is that it gives players the opportunity to earn perks and additional bonuses by completing missions and doing certain specialized jobs. By completing the six First Dose missions, players can make 2x GTA$ and RP. Special rewards are also offered by those who participate in The Los Santos Drug Wars’ Fooliganz missions. Those who manage to complete one Fooliganz mission will get the Ice Vinyl and Ice Vinyl Cut jackets. Upon completing ten missions, players will get the Black Bigness Ski and White Bigness Ski Masks.

Players would also be delighted to know that a bunch of other GTA Online Modes will be offering bonuses for the week. If you participate in a Freemode event or challenge, you will get 3X the normal GTA$ and RP. Both Issi Classic Races and Security contracts shall offer players 2X GTA$ and RP.

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During the holiday season, GTA came up with several lucrative GTA Online rewards and offers for players. After a few days, players will not have the opportunity to avail of any of these offers. They must, therefore, hurry up and grab the offers till the time they can.

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