Minecraft Introduces Important Updates In Marketplace Content

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Mojang Studios recently launched a new trailer for Minecraft Marketplace which offers a glimpse of new premium DLC offerings by Minecraft.

A new cinematic trailer launched by Mojang Studios highlights a bunch of new premium DLC content that is available on Minecraft Marketplace.

Those who have followed the discussions on the online Minecraft community would know that the Marketplace has courted several controversies in recent times. A large number of Minecraft fans haven’t been able to put their complete trust in digital content monetization.

Despite all the hurdles, Mojang has made it a point to update the Minecraft Marketplace at regular intervals. Mojang has now come up with a trailer that puts the focus on the Marketplace. The trailer, which has a very cinematic look and feel to it, introduces players to a bunch of Minecraft DLC packs that are extremely popular. Those who play the Bedrock Edition are eligible to purchase these DLC packs. The trailer is quite impressive and Mojang is receiving a lot of praise for extending its support to the creators’ community.

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The Minecraft Marketplace, also referred to as the Minecraft Store on PlayStation, was initially launched in the year 2017. The Marketplace can also be described as the place Minecraft content creators get the opportunity to collaborate with Mojang to create and launch texture packs, skins, mini-games, custom world,s and several other interesting items. In the last 5-6 years, Mojang has received considerable attention from Mojang and that has greatly helped Minecraft content creations do a lot of innovative things.

In the trailer, one can see different worlds including the Ultra Cute Texture Pack from Cyclone, City Living from Noxcrew, Advanced Dragons 2 from Pixelbiester, WDW Magic Kingdom Adventure from Everbloom Games, and SpongeBob SquarePants from Spark Universe.

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When one mentions the Minecraft Marketplace, it is almost impossible not to talk about some of the controversies associated with it. There was a time when the concept of having DLCs was alien to Minecraft. The game was only available on PC and content creators created interesting stuff out of their own will and didn’t charge anything for it. Many believe that Minecraft has brought a disruption in this space, which nobody asked for, by taking this step.

Different people have different opinions on the Minecraft Marketplace. The one thing, however, that cannot be denied is that it has grown tremendously in the last few years. It would be interesting to see the manner in which Mojang upgrades the Minecraft Marketplace in the near future.

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