GTA Online Players Get The Opportunity To Drive The Train After 11 Years

GTA Online train

Many GTA Online players are excited at the possibility of getting the chance to control a train that has had a reputation for being ‘destructive’!

When Grand Theft Auto Online was launched in 2013, one of the distinctive elements fans spotted in the game was a sturdily built train. The train, which was described as indestructible, caught the fancy of a large number of players but they were not allowed to drive or move it around. Now, more than a decade after the launch of the game, GTA Online players have got the chance to drive the game.

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Rockstar Games released a new free update on March 7 for GTA Online players. Titled ‘The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid’, this newly launched update features some narrative elements which are similar to some of the narrative devices used in expansions and heists released in the past.

Through a multi-mission experience, this new update enables players to deal with a drug-peddling cartel and a bunch of corrupt cops. Players can participate in this mission on their own or embark upon it with three friends. While locking horns with the cartel, the player will get the opportunity to steal the train and then, drive it.

At one point, the train will be utilized to send the player along with their cohorts to the Cluckin’ Bell Factory. This factory is the place where the cartel can be seen carrying out their operations. Though players would get the chance to drive the train only once, they will be happy to get this chance after waiting for it for more than a decade.

If we take mods and glitches aside, the single-player campaign of Grand Theft Auto 5 offered just one opportunity for the players to drive the train. For the longest time, fans had been requesting Rockstar Games include open-world train driving in GTA 5 and GTA Online through an update.

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While this newly launched update has not brought in open-world train driving to GTA Online, it has given GTA Online players the chance to assume control over the train and drive it for a while. This is a huge moment for fans as this train was seen as a force that would destroy players when they made an attempt to stop it. Many times, players would not even be able to fathom its arrival and get run over by it.

While GTA Online players are happy about the fact that they are getting the chance to drive this indestructible train, they want to know whether this would be added as a permanent open-world feature in the near future. Some fans think that Rockstar should introduce a train of this nature in GTA 6 and give players the opportunity to control it.

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