Elder Scrolls Online Scions of Ithelia Release Date: Here’s When Fans Can Expect It To Be Out

Scions of Ithelia Release Date

The upcoming DLC, which is scheduled to release early next week, will introduce players to a plethora of exciting content!

Recently, an official announcement for the new DLC Scions of Ithelia release date was made. This announcement coincided with the launch of Update 41. Since the last few years, Elder Scrolls Online has been receiving important updates at regular intervals. Update 40 was rolled out around four months back and fans had been waiting for a new update to arrive for a while.

The announcement of the Scions of Ithelia release date is important for the gaming community as it brings a plethora of story content along with a new battle to the game. Once the DLC arrives, fans should find the game even more exciting.

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ZeniMax Online Studios was known for introducing new story arcs annually in the game. In the recent past, however, the gaming studio was seen bringing about a change in its strategy and taking the concept of multi-year narratives ahead. This particular trend was broken by the last introduced DLC. Though players will not get to see the main story moving ahead now, they can look forward a lot of foreshadowing along with new hints being dropped about the Gold Road expansion that is scheduled to arrive this year.

Now that the DLC Scions of Ithelia release date has been announced, fans have complete clarity on when they can try it out. Along with Update 40, the DLC Scions of Ithelia will be released on March 11. This update will be available for both PC and Mac users on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Those who own the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 should look forward to the update arriving on March 26, 2024.

Fans are keenly looking forward to all the content this new DLC will offer them. Among the confirmed set of content include two dungeons in the form of the Bedlam Veil and Oathsworn Pit. In order to access the Normal mode of these dungeons, players are required to reach at least level 45. Those who wish to experience the Veteran difficulty level must earn a minimum of 300 Champion Points.

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After getting inside these dungeons, players will get the opportunity to collaborate with Bazrag, who happens to be a devotee of Malacath. They will also have the chance to interact with Fa-Nuit-Hen, a legendary Demiprince warrior. These dungeons are known to be closely associated with Ithelia.

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