GTA Online: Rockstar Games Gives Players The Opportunity To Steal $2 Trillion

GTA Online Update

Rockstar Games organized a Heist Challenge in Grand Theft Auto Online in the year 2020.

As a part of this challenge, the gaming publisher offered free rewards to the community. All the players had to do was steal GTA $100 billion from Heist Finales in the first week. By the time the event had concluded, players managed to earn $1 trillion. In 2022, the gaming publisher has worked towards making things a little more exciting for GTA Online Players.

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According to an official statement put out by Rockstar Games, a call will be made to thieves, hackers, wheelmen and Heist tacticians based in Blaine County and Los Santos to ensure there is a cap on The Heists Event. Rockstar has asked GTA Online players to put their “criminal instincts to the ultimate test” and create something big out of this opportunity. While it has implored players to do their best to steal $2 trillion, it has not offered any clarity on the reward they will be getting.

Heist Finales have often been described as the culmination or the sum total of all the heists in the game. One can also look at them as multi-stage events which involve players planning a crime, putting together a crew and then, taking the necessary steps to carry out their plan. These operations, of course, involve a certain amount of complexity and the players have to work closely with each to ensure everything happens smoothly.

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Though Rockstar has been quite generous while introducing rewards in GTA Online, $2 trillion is still a large sum of in-game money. However, the gaming publisher has ensured that the challenges players face while trying to pull off this heist are difficult enough. Winning the reward wouldn’t be easy, but a large number of players seem to be ready to do all that it takes to reach there.

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