GTA Online Taxi God Mode Issue Gets Resolved With New Update

GTA Online Taxi

GTA Online fans have got a reason to cheer as the Taxi God Mode glitch in the game has finally been resolved!

On February 15, Rockstar Games released a patch for the Taxi God Mode glitch as a part of the background update for Grand Theft Auto Online. This was an important event for those who had been troubled by the glitch and had been looking for a way out of it for a long time.

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A while back, players stumbled upon a Taxi God Mode glitch in GTA Online. It was very convenient to exploit this particular glitch and some players left no stone unturned to derive benefits from it for a long time. While Rockstar patched it, players saw a new workaround a couple of hours later. This workaround enabled players to turn immortal again. As soon as Rockstar realized this, it jumped into action and launched a fix for it.

God Mode issues have been a part of GTA Online for many years and have troubled players endlessly. These God Mode glitches, in fact, have been one of the prominent reasons behind many individuals staying away from the game. Rockstar, however, has made a conscious effort to resolve these glitches as and when they have cropped up.

The aforementioned tweet serves as a prominent example of the kind of things gamers stumble upon when they try out the newest variation of this particular glitch. Instead of ‘Quit Job’, you now see ‘No Jobs’ being displayed on the phone. Because of the latest changes being carried out to the background update, one cannot implore a player to go underground.

Several other changes have been brought to the game through the patch released on February 15. Among other things, the Cayo Perico Gold glitch has been resolved. This particular exploit enabled solo players to earn a good amount of cash.

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