GTA Online: Vintage Car Classique Broadway Introduced

GTA Online Classique Broadway

The Classique Broadway car arrives in GTA Online and players who have a penchant for vintage cars have a reason to celebrate.

The Los Santos Drug Wars update in Grand Theft Auto Online has resulted in a lot of exciting content being introduced in the game.

Players continue to explore the new content that has come through this update into the game. Before the arrival of this content, many players assumed that this would lead to the introduction of new Supercars in GTA Online. However, Rockstar Games was in the mood to give players a taste or experience of vintage cars.

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As a part of the aforementioned update, the Classique Broadway has been introduced in the game. It happens to be a vintage car that many wish to have in their collection. The two-door car has several features that make it extremely relevant in today’s times. The design, of course, would greatly appeal to those who love vintage cars.

Through a post shared on its official Twitter account, Rockstar Games confirmed the inclusion of the vintage car in the game. The post also gave one a glimpse into the approach Rockstar had for this update. After introducing several modern or high-end elements into the game through its recent updates, the gaming publisher now seems to be in the mood to incorporate elements that are retro-cool.

The Classique Broadway happens to be a Muscle class car that you can buy from Legendary Motorsport at a price of $925,000. When you compare it to some of the contemporary DLC cars around, the Classique Broadway is not very expensive. Of course, one can’t call it a moderately priced vehicle, but it does offer good value for money.

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The design and mechanism of the car have been partly inspired by the 946-1948 Oldsmobile 66 Club Sedan. It operates very similarly to a retro vehicle, but has enough modern features to keep players of all age groups happy. Apart from providing users with a unique driving experience, the vehicle comes equipped with a low top speed and slow acceleration. Those who have never tried a vintage car should have a good experience driving this one.

The top speed offered by Classique Broadway is 100.00 mph or 160.93 km/h. you cannot compare the top speed of this car with that of modern, high-speed four-wheelers. However, it still moves faster than most other in-game vintage cars around.

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