Call of Duty: Mobile Shares Details About Plans Related To Season 2: Heavy Metal

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Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 2: Heavy Metal is expected to offer a bunch of fresh content to players and now, one has finally got some concrete information on it!

TiMi has done a lot of things to make Call of Duty Mobile more accessible and interesting for players. Launched in late 2019, the player base for the game has increased steadily with time and the studio deserves a lot of credit for nurturing it. It has now shared some pertinent information about the kind of plans it has for Season 2: Heavy Metal.

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Call of Duty: Mobile has shared a confirmation about several elements being a part of the multiplayer lineup with the arrival of the next update. Apart from new game modes, players can also look forward to a new map and powerful weapons.

While a section of the fans of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer have spoken about being disappointed with the kind of live service offerings that came their way, it is important to note that Call of Duty Mobile players are quite loyal to the game and seldom speak about what they don’t like about it.

While many of the popular characters, weapons, maps and game modes from Call of Duty were made a part of Call of Duty Mobile, TiMi Studio Group has constantly worked towards improving the many aspects pertaining to the game.

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Diesel, a multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, will become a part of Call of Duty Mobile with the arrival of Season 2: Heavy Metal. When Season 2: Heavy Metal gets launched on February 22, players will also get to try out the new variants for Goliath and Control. While Goliath Clash trains players to engage in certain activities that would help them acquire batteries, Chaos Control greatly enhances the intensity and speed of the standard Control.

TiMi Studio Group is also scheduled to launch a new battle royale class in the form of the Ravager Launcher that would help players tremendously in ensuring a defeat for their opponents. Every season of Call of Duty Mobile gives players the opportunity to participate in time-limited challenges and win lucrative rewards. They get access to a lot of other in-game offerings that help them sharpen their skills and fight more confidently on the battlefield.

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