GTA Online: The Pre-Release Version Might Be Running On Xenia

GTA Online

GTA Online fans have found a way to run the game on Xenia!

Ardent fans often come up with innovative methods to find their way around the limitations of a game. Fans of Grand Theft Auto Online might just have stumbled upon a way to play the pre-release version of the game on Xenia, which happens to be an emulator designed for playing Xbox 360 games on PC.

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Most players would be aware of the fact that this tool made it possible to play GTA 5. Players, however, didn’t really succeed in configuring or running GTA Online through it. It must be mentioned here that the pre-release version of GTA Online does not feature any content sourced out from the Enhanced or Enhanced and Enhanced ports of the game.

Till April 22, 2023, the GTAV TU10 Online Patched made it possible for players to enjoy the classic version of GTA Online. The game’s official version was pulled out way back in December 16, 2021. There are still many fans who prefer the classic version of the game over its modern avatar.

A Twitter user, who goes by the handle @Tervel1337, demonstrated through an example how players can run GTA Online’s pre-release version on Xenia simply by getting an update.rpf+DLC file removed and opting for Byron’s modded TU in its place. When a player does this, they will get a proper notification on the bottom left about the cloud servers of Rockstar being unavailable.

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This particular activity cannot be carried out in RPCS3, which happens to be a PS3 emulator. The following clip offers a glimpse into the beta version of GTA 5’s online version. The clip contains a lot of material that contemporary gamers might not be able to identify.

The aforementioned video, among other things, confirms that the Mom and Dad heritage options continue to exist. This particular version also comprises of a plethora of Lifestyle choices in the form of Sleep, Friends and Family, and Legal Work that are not as important as they used to be.

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