GTA Online: Inductor Electric Bike Included In Drip-Feed of San Andreas Mercenaries

Inductor Electric Bike

Players’ wait to see a new Inductor electric bike in GTA Online is now finally over!

For a long time, fans had been waiting for the Inductor electric bike to be added to the GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries DLC. The information regarding this electric bike was leaked much before the launch of the DLC. Now, the studio has made the electric bike available for players.

Though a lot of information related to this bike is yet to be unearthed, it must be mentioned that data miners had leaked a lot of material in the past. Because of these leaks, it became one of the most awaited drip-feed vehicles.

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Many of the characteristics and features of this electric bike are similar to the kind of bicycles one has come across in other multiplayer games. Rockstar Games, however, has incorporated certain features in the game that help one distinguish itself from some of the other titles in this space.

The Inductor, for the uninitiated, happens to be a two-wheeler bicycle that players can buy from the official website of Pedal and Metal Cycles by paying $50,000. After acquiring it, players can keep it in their personal garage. Though it has not been confirmed as yet, some of the players have stated that no modification option has been provided with the bike. The standard version is the only version that is being offered at the moment and one has to make peace with it.

The design of this electric bike is inspired from the Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i and it operates on a lithium-ion battery. There is not much clarity on the top speed of this bike but game files suggest that it manages to reach a top speed of 5.00 km/h or 46.60 mph or 7.

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Players must also know that the Inductor comes equipped with a temporary boost feature which is referred to as the Kers Boost. This feature works towards enhancing the top speed of the vehicle for a couple of seconds. This feature had been made incorporated in seven other vehicles in the game so far.

The Summer DLC leaks also offered a glimpse of an Inductor referred to as the Jung Energy Inductor. While it has many of the features found in other variants, it has a layer of Junk energy livery over it. After the emergence of the GTA 6 leaks, players are hoping to come across a similar bicycle in an upcoming game. Shortly before the introduction of the new Inductor, the Penaud La Coureuse and the GTA Online Podium Car were added to the game.

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