Upcoming GTA Online Update Might Involve Activity Outside Los Santos

GTA Online

For a very long time, GTA Online fans have been having discussions on community forums on whether they will get to participate in any activity that takes place outside the geographical boundaries of Las Santos.

Players have been clearly looking for some dynamic energy in the game which, they hope, will come with a change in location.

If one takes Cayo Perico activities aside, players have not experienced any diversity in location for almost a decade now. While the publishers have been lauded for introducing new elements in the game from time to time, they have also suffered from some criticism on account of not incorporating enough map diversity in the game. However, if some reputed insiders are to be believed, this is all set to change soon.

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For a very long time now, @alloc8or has been known to be a very reliable insider when it comes to information pertaining to GTA Online. The leaker has also shared important information about other GTA games from time to time.

In 2021, for instance, they published GTA Trilogy’s complete achievement list along with elaborate descriptions and pictures. The leaker had also shared some details related to the much-awaited summer update. When it comes to some activity taking place outside Los Santos, they shared a cryptic message.


The cryptic message posted by the leaker didn’t confirm the news that the game would finally venture outside Los Santos but it definitely made fans believe that there is a good chance of that happening.

While there is no clarity about the location the game could explore with the arrival of the summer update, one is pretty certain about the fact that Las Venturas and San Fierro will not be featured as they are within the boundaries of the state the game is in.

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Since map expansion rumors related to GTA Online have been floating around for a long time now, there has been a lot of discussion about it in online GTA forums. A while back, prominent GTA insider @Matheusbr9895_ had stated that there is a good chance of the players getting the opportunity to visit Liberty City through the game.

A bunch of other locations have also been suggested by other leakers. Since the rumors about a map expansion are quite strong, one could definitely expect new locations to be explored in the game. However, there is no clarity about when that will happen. The summer update, however, might just offer players a tour of a city they haven’t been able venture into in the recent past.

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