GTA Online Summer Update 2022: Here’s What You Can Expect From It

GTA Online players

The GTA Online Summer Update, which is all set to arrive by the end of July, has got fans excited.

After all, this is the first major update the game will be receiving in a long time. While Rockstar Games have shared a decent amount of information about this update from their end, leakers and insiders have also contributed towards making fans aware of the kind of features and adjustments they can expect from this particular update.

In the Summer Update, fans can expect to see some enhancements that have been due for a while. After the launch of this update, getting access to armor and snacks will be much easier. Players will also get to take part in Sell Missions that have been designed to be a part of Invite Only Sessions. There will also be an increase in the number of countermeasures devised for Oppressor Mk II.

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Rockstar has confirmed that it will be including a higher number of player input options depending on the feedback given by the fans. It must be mentioned here that several elements have been incorporated in the Summer Update based on the discussions fans have had in the recent past in the GTA online communities. After the update is rolled out, it would be easy to gauge how it has been received by fans based on the discussion they have in these communities and forums.

To make the game more rewarding for the players, Rockstar Games has plans to source some cash rewards from different game modes. The publisher believes that the introduction of these rewards will motivate players to put more effort into their gameplay and achieve their goals faster. It would also help in breaking the monotony in the game to a great extent.

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Rockstar Games has also confirmed that the payout for MC Members, Bodyguards and Associates will increase after the arrival of this update. For many of the activities, cash bonuses will be introduced. When you participate in Races, Heist Finales and Adversary Modes, you can expect to make a lot more money.

The Criminal Career of the Executive, Nightclub Owner, Biker and Gunrunner will be expanded greatly once the Summer Update comes through. Players should enjoy being a part of the new contact missions that will enable them to act as IAA field operatives. By participating in these missions, they will get the chance to fight with multiple criminals.

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