GTA Online: Rockstar Indicates Something Important To Arrive For CayoPerico Island

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GTA Online fans can look forward to witnessing an intense battle in the game in the near future!

Rockstar Games recently stated that a ‘large scale battle’ will be launched on CayoPerico Island in GTA Online. While the gaming publisher didn’t share any release date, it said that players will get to witness the battle in “just a few short weeks”.

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As soon as Rockstar announced this, players started jumping to conclusions and forming their own theories about it.  Many gamers are of the opinion that an island revisit will happen to organize a game mode in an upcoming weekly update. What is amusing is the fact that a few data mines have notoriously leaked this activity.

Upon launching the San Andreas Mercenaries update, Rockstar Games posted a new Newswire article. This particular article offered a lot of information about the features that one can look forward to seeing in the new patch. Towards the end of the article, one comes across these interesting lines, “Later this summer, keep an eye out for new vehicles and dynamic events unfolding in Freemode with the return of Armored Van robberies. Plus, take part in a large-scale battle on CayoPerico in just a few short weeks.”

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The aforementioned lines can be associated with the famous island in GTA Online. If we take this information into account, we could easily assume that an intensive battle will take place on the island a couple of weeks from the time the Newswire article has been published.

The teaser also indicates that players will get to try out a bunch of new activities that will be rolled out during the summer season itself. As far as the gaming calendar is concerned, the summer season will come to an end on September 22 this year. What that means is that fresh CayoPerico content should be expected to come out before this particular date.

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