GTA San Andreas: Android and iOS Users Receive a New Update

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

A new GTA San Andreas update rolled out for Android and iOS users indicate at the inclusion of GTA+ items in it!

Recently, Rockstar Games launched a GTA San Andreas update on mobile devices. On June 7, the patch, with a file size of 1.92 GB, was launched for Android devices. Along with Android users, iOS users who have the game on their mobile devices would be able to download it. The gaming company, as per the information provided by data miners, did not make too many alterations to the gameplay. However, a few GTA+ assets have been added to the game.

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In December 2013, San Andreas was rolled out on mobile devices for the very first time. Though it has been ten years since the release of the game, it continues to be updated regularly. Though players are still waiting for a San Andreas Definitive Edition mobile port, the GTA community is quite happy with the arrival of this new update.

Rockstar Games had rolled out two distinctive updates for iOS and Android. While Android users received the update on June 7, iOS users received it on June 27. 2.11.13 is the patch number for Android and 2.2.12 is the patch number for iOS.

Data miners, meanwhile, have come across some important information related to this. Vadin M., who happens to be a popular gaming YouTuber, claimed that several important changes to the backend of the game were made by the developer. Once the game is updated, the game will not feature OBB cache and lib files in the primary APK.

Tez2, another popular GTA insider, has claimed that the new update has resulted in the addition of GTA+ assets on the mobile version of San Andreas. The insider further stated that Rockstar might take the step of making the game free for every paid member soon.

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