GTA: San Andreas RTX Remake Manages To Impress Fans

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GTA fans have given a nod of approval to the San Andreas RTX Remake!

The one keyword that has been buzzing in the minds of most players who are a part of the global gaming community is Grand Theft Auto 6. The next iteration in the GTA franchise has intrigued one and all. While fans are keenly looking forward to the arrival of the game, Rockstar Games has refrained from sharing any pertinent information about it. As and when the game arrives, it will definitely create a huge splash in the gaming space.

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While fans are not getting anything interesting to hear about GTA 6, a lot has been happening in the GTA universe. Rockstar Games has teased about a new GTA Online update that could be out soon. According to reports, this update might mark the return of a classic dead character. If the update is indeed rolled out soon, it will bring in a lot of cheer in the GTA community.

GTA 5 fans, meanwhile, are quite upset about Rockstar putting a large amount of interesting content behind a paywall. What has truly irked the fans is that all this content was available to the players for free till a while back. Paying for content that was freely available for the longest time is not something a lot of players would want to do.

Another interesting event happened which made fans waiting for GTA 6 quite excited. A GTA 6 teaser was reportedly seen in GTA 5. While there is no confirmation about it, this piece of information has managed to excite those who were desperately waiting for some news on GTA 6.

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What has really caught the attention of GTA fans these days is the San Andreas RTX Remake. According to a report published in DSOGaming, RTX Remix by NVIDIA has been utilized to bring about major improvements in the visuals of San Andreas. Players who are interested in checking out this mod can download it from Mix Mods free of cost. The integration of this particular mod results in the inclusion of path traced graphics and also gets a bunch of other graphic files optimized. It will also lead to regular textures and models getting replaced with more refined entities.

However, it is important to note here that this particular mod has also been affected by bugs. Players who have tried it out have faced some issues with its functionality and hope for them to be resolved soon.

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