GTA+ Subscription: Here’s Why Every Gamer Would Want It By 2025

GTA+ Subscription

The launch of GTA 6 is expected to have a very positive impact on the GTA+ subscription service.

While fans are keenly looking forward to the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6, there is a lot of excitement around it in the gaming industry as well. Every time, a game does well in terms of sales, the entire industry benefits from it. At the moment, no other game is enjoying the kind of buzz that GTA 6 is. After the launch of its first official trailer in December 2023, the buzz around it has increased manifold. The gaming industry expects GTA 6 to become a huge success.

GTA Online was designed as an online multiplayer counterpart to GTA 5. With so much riding on GTA 6, fans expect it to have a multiplayer version as well. Fans are hopeful that some of the things Rockstar Games tried doing with GTA Online will be replicated in the online multiplayer version of GTA 6.

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Since GTA 6 is expected to be the biggest game in the GTA franchise, one expects its online version to be mounted on a huge scale as well. Ever since it was launched in 2013, GTA Online received updates regularly. The game also boasts gameplay that is engaging and interactive in equal measure. If and when Rockstar comes up with a multiplayer version of GTA 6, fans would expect it to have some elements of GTA Online but would also want it to be bigger and better than it.

GTA+ subscription service was launched to make GTA games more accessible to gamers. In March 2022, GTA Online was made available for GTA+ subscribers. With time, GTA+ has managed to expand its subscriber base considerably. By paying $5.99 a month, players get a plethora of in-game benefits including exclusive garages and services, access to Shark Cards, a monthly deposit of GTA$500,000, clothing and vehicle liveries, XP multipliers and money.

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If somebody is a fan of GTA Online, it makes perfect sense for them to subscribe to GTA+. Apart from helping them get a good experience, GTA+ also makes several premium items available to them. The launch of GTA 6 could strengthen GTA+’s positioning as a subscription service further.

No DLC was ever rolled out for the story mode of GTA 5. Because of this, GTA Online received further prominence. The game has received updates regularly and managed to expand its player base significantly with time. The increasing popularity of GTA Online has done a lot of good for GTA+.

When GTA 6 launches, exclusive services and in-game currency can be offered via GTA+. This will help GTA+ gain more subscribers and also contribute towards GTA 6 getting a wide reach in little time. If an online multiplayer version of GTA 6 is launched, it will improve the fortunes of GTA+ further. By offering early access to some items or properties in GTA 6, Rockstar can get more subscribers for GTA+ in a short span of time.

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