GTA 6 Release Date: New Report Sheds Further Light On Delay


Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has stated that Rockstar Games is dealing with an issue but it could find a way out of it soon!

While Rockstar Games had not shared any official confirmation about the release date of GTA 6, the gaming studio had firmly decided to launch the much-awaited title in 2025. After the launch of the game’s official trailer in December last year, everybody was waiting to get an update on the release date of the game. The rumors about a GTA 6 delay happening, therefore, could not have come at a worse time.

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After the rumors came to the fore, fans started discussing the probable reasons behind the game getting delayed. The rumours pointed towards GTA 6 getting a release in 2026. This resulted in the fans getting flustered as they had been waiting for GTA 6 to get a release for quite a while already. Now, a recently published report by seasoned journalist Jason Schreier states that a GTA 6 delay is possible but it should not happen.

An article, written by Schreier and published by Bloomberg on March 2, 2024, focuses on several important factors pertaining to the rumors one has heard about the GTA 6 delay and also discusses the game’s release strategy in detail.

In the report, Jason asserts that the development schedule of all major video games being developed at the moment, including GTA 6, is running a little slow. All the studios, as per the report, are behind their planned schedule and therefore, the games they are developing at the moment might not be released as and when they have been planned to. GTA 6, which has faced major leaks in the last two years, is also expected to get a delayed release.

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A while back, one heard about how Rockstar was asking all its employees to stop working remotely and get back to the office. This was, as per the reports, done to ensure no more leaks happen and the development process moves forward at a good pace. The reports suggested that all the employees were asked to report to the office by April 15. Many employees were said to be upset by this step taken by Rockstar. They believed they could have worked in a productive manner from their homes.

Jason has stated that the reports about several employees not being in agreement with Rockstar’s recent change in work policy are true. Some employees, according to Jason, have quit the organization because of this and this is going to have a direct impact on the development process of GTA 6. While Jason feels there could be a delay because of this, there is also a good chance of Rockstar finding a way out of this and ensuring that GTA 6 gets a worldwide release next year. Whether it hires more employees or gets its existing workforce to put in more hours to achieve this is something that remains to be seen.

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