Call of Duty Rolls Out Modern Warfare 3 Patch Notes

Modern Warfare 3

The new updates have brought in several positive changes to the Modern Warfare 3 game and driven away many of the bugs it was dealing with for a while.

Activision has published Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 patch notes and the latest update for Warzone, which has been designed to reorganize weapons, including ground vehicles and driving away bugs for Rebirth Island. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has seen further growth in its popularity recently and this minor update seems to be a direct result of that.

A couple of days back, Call of Duty witnessed its highest Steam player count owing to a free trial that was conducted between April 4 and April 8. The launch of Season 3 also played a part in it. Season 3 marked the arrival of two new weapons in the MORS sniper and FJX Horus SMG. While using the MORS, a few Warzone players encountered some problems and ended up missing on-target shots. The new update, however, has not been able to resolve this issue. The Call of Duty team has assured fans that this particular issue will be resolved via a new patch that will be released in the future.

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The new Warzone update has brought in just one gameplay change. Rebirth Island now features ground vehicles. When you have a closer look at the update, you might be able to observe a few other changes as well. Certain attachments, for instance, have been removed from the Gunsmith screens present in some guns.

Earlier, in the game, players suffered from issues like lethal and tactical equipment not getting picked up automatically and UAV Towers coming up in Ranked Play incorrectly and the minimap not being able to notify the user when an enemy advanced UAC comes along. These bugs have now been fixed.

The Modern Warfare 3 update has resulted in the SVA 545 AR getting the only important weapon balance change. The attachment changes rolled out to Modern Warfare 3 are the same as Warzone. When it comes to effects like penetration damage, there is more consistency now. When you go through the Modern Warfare 3 patch notes in detail, you get a fair understanding of how the new update has made the game better.

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The update, among other things, has brought in a few alterations to the Vests in Modern Warfare 3. Players, who are equipped with both Reinforced Boots and Ninja Vest, shall receive the effects of Running Sneakers. After receiving a launcher kill, the Compression Carrier Vest triggers health regeneration in very little time. To denote C4, one has to stick it to a surface for around half a second.

Conversion Kits not getting removed from the Gunsmith menu was one of the many bugs Modern Warfare 3 was suffering from. Even the Armory Unlock Challenges would not display any kind of message after getting completed. There was an issue with the Weekly Challenge countdown timer as well. It would not show the correct time. All these issues have now been fixed.

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