Gucci Branded Accessories Heading to the Sims 4 Avatars

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The Sims 4 avatars can now be dressed up in Gucci branded apparels and they will still be expensive but more plausible when compared to their real-world pricing.

The brands of the world like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry have a fan following among the elite class. While they are not readily affordable for most, it is surprising to see Gucci make a move with the Sims 4 gamers.

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Product placements is one of the many obvious reasons but it is also being claimed that the idea is to make these apparels appealing to the millennial generation. Instead of directly working with the people at Electronic Arts and Maxis, Gucci has established a relationship with the modding community. After all, they are plenty in numbers and can help reach a product to millions of gamers at once unlike the official channel.

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As part of their tie-up, they have now brought in Gucci apparels and lots of fancy items within the world of the Sims 4. Not everyone will be willing to download and install a mod but most people do primarily for the innovation it delivers. One of the recently revealed mods allowed players to create an open map, explore it and even setup an entire neighborhood. The official game may not provide such levels of freedom which is why people who mod games are always in demand.

Changing the way sims dress

According to Gucci, they are looking forward to bring about a positive change with Sims players. It will also impact the planet in a good way according to their claims and bring these apparels to Gen Z. They will feel more connected to these real world sustainable collection. The company further added that the series of products getting launched now focuses on creating a no impact outcome on the planet when disposed.

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With companies like Apple focusing more on the eco-friendly concept, it is no wonder Gucci is doing the same. The Sims 4 will serve a platform to promote their new designs and to showcase everyone that they do care about how their products impact the green level in the planet. You can browse more of the designs they have offered in their official Twitter channel. As it is not properly announced by Maxis, it has not received much attention in the official pages but modding community would definitely make this one popular as everyone usually does. It will help give a fresh life to your game.

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