Sony PS5 Update: PlayStation App Gets New Store, Messaging and More Features

The Sony PlayStation 5 console is days away from reaching gamers across the globe.

Just in time for the launch, the company officially rolled out an update for their PlayStation app that would allow players to buy PS5 games, browse titles, store discounts and even keep games downloaded on the console, ready to play.

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The good news is, the newest app is far more better than it has always been. Players often had a complaint that the app was a website which has been designed to the Android or iOS store. It was not seamless or easy to use but the latest update makes it much better than it used to be. Similar to many other companion apps available for games, this will allow you to keep in touch with all your friends and message them as you would do on Facebook.

Do More on Your PS5

If you own a smartphone, you will be able to make the most use of your PlayStation 5 console using the PlayStation app. While your PS3 or PS4 console may not longer be so fancy to use, the new next generation model can be kept ready at all times. If you feel the less than 1 TB is too small for games, it is easy to monitor storage on the go. Players will also be able to buy games through the interface and download them on their console. You can also launch games as soon as the download is complete, allowing your entertainment system to be ready to play as soon as you reach home.


All these can be done remotely on the app that provides greater access to people while they are still on the go. The web  store no longer supports PS3 and PS Vita games as Sony considers these platforms to be outdated at this point. They don’t have any other handheld gaming device but the Vita continues to exist as one of the best way to play a lot of retro games. It can’t be done officially though due to restrictions.

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There will definitely be plenty of comparisons between the Xbox store app and the PlayStation app which has been tweaked on a great level for the PS5 console. We are yet to find out how good it works which can be done once the console is out and players start using it on a daily basis. It is to be seen which console would win the race in its initial launch year.

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