Halo Infinite Might Add Double-Barreled Shotgun Featuring Gravity Hammer Attachment

halo infinite

According to a new rumor, Halo Infinite might be introducing a double-barreled shotgun equipped with a gravity hammer.

343 Industries has been quite active with adding Halo Infinite foundations regularly. A recently surfaced rumor suggests that Halo Infinite could be receiving a double-barreled shotgun that will have a gravity hammer attached to it. Though the gravity hammer and shotgun were also included in the first and second games, the new rumors point towards these two elements being paired up in an innovative manner.

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A Halo Infinite leaker has managed to have more than 35,000 views on a particular tweet in which they have claimed that the double-barreled shotgun will be launched with an update that is slated to be rolled out in the near future. While the developers are busy planning the next content update, players are busy exploring all that was offered to the FPS with Season 2: Lone Wolves.

A Twitter user, who goes by the handle Mr_Rebs, has a reputation for information pertaining to Halo Infinite several days before it officially comes out. The leaker has now assured fans of the Banished double-barreled shotgun being added to the game. He went to the extent of sharing an image of this particular shotgun. In the image, one can see a small gravity hammer linked to the barrel’s bottom area. It is important to note here that this image does match a concept art of the game that was shared long back.

Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within is scheduled to be launched on March 7. This particular season is expected to last till June 27. There is a strong chance of the double-barreled shotgun being introduced with the next content update. Though 343 Industries hasn’t shared any confirmation about it, one has come across hints pertaining to a major weapon that will be introduced in Season 3.

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