Halo Infinite Yappening Event Has Been Scheduled For Next Week

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Season 2: Lone Wolves, which is a part of the Halo Infinite Universe, has been lauded by fans for launching a variety of new content.

Apart from introducing seasonal content, the game organizes in-game events that revolve around a specific theme.

On August 30, the official Twitter account of Halo shared a post about a new event that will be a part of Halo Infinite. As per the developer’s tweet, the new event will be titled Yappening. It has been, reportedly, named after a warlord called YapYap the Destroyer. Apart from revealing the event’s name, the tweet also made it clear that the festivities will begin by September 6. At the moment, there is not much clarity about the duration of the event.

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Much to fans’ disappointment, there is limited information about the Yappening. 343 Industries, however, shared a comic as a part of the announcement tweet. This particular comic offered one some clues about what one could expect from this event. In the comic, one can see Grunt trying to visit a UNSC-held base to find buyers for some merchandise.

Though there is no clarity around cosmetics being a part of the event, one got a glimpse of a Mohawk headpiece. Based on the information one has received so far, one could assume that the Yappening event would feature a new game mode.

Ever since Halo tweeted about the Yappening event, a large number of Halo Infinite Community members have come forward to lend their support for it. In a very short span of time, the tweet has received more than 5,000 likes and several comments. The response to the tweet clearly shows that fans are looking forward to the event.

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If you go through the comment section, you realize fans have shared their opinions on how the event should be drawn out. One particular gamer said that the developers should contemplate introducing a game mode that would enable the players to battle Grunts in ways that are similar to how they dealt with them in the earlier games in the franchise.

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