Details About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Patch 1.2.0 Revealed

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC

Pokemon has shared some important details pertaining to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Patch 1.2.0 which is designed to fix a few bugs and make an important feature return to the game.

Just a few days are left for the annual Pokemon Day festivities to start. The anticipation for the event has increased manifold what with Pokemon sharing the preliminary notes covering important details pertaining to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Patch 1.2.0. This particular patch is scheduled to release towards the end of this month. Among other things, it will mark the comeback of a feature that had not been included in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This patch also addresses some glitches that have been affecting gameplay for some time.

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It is common knowledge that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been affected by several performance issues and bugs ever since it first came out in November 2022. Both The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have been quite sincere and made serious efforts to fix these issues based on the feedback shared by players. Though Patch 1.2.0 has been designed to fix some of these bugs, several more updates would be required to sanitize the game.

Apart from addressing bugs, the game is slated to get back Box features that were not introduced during the launch of the game. These features will enable trainers to shift some important items. It will also give them the opportunity to change ribbons, nicknames and modify Pokemons in several different ways.

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Players should also brace themselves for some NPC and Pokemon spawn points being cut down. This will, of course, impact Shiny Hunting for certain Pokemon adversely. At the moment, there is no clarity on whether the spawning changes will have any impact on the performance issues in the game or not.

Pokemon Day 2023 is scheduled to be launched on February 27. Because of this, fans arrived at the conclusion that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Patch 1.2.0 will be released on the same day. Pokemon, however, has categorically stated that the entire list of changes or modifications shall come out whenever the patch is rolled out.

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