Minecraft Bug Forbids Players From Using Cherry Blossom Logs To Put Together Campfires

Minecraft Cherry Blossom update

Players have stumbled upon a new bug in Minecraft that bars them from using cherry blossom wood for creating campfires.

When a new update is about to be rolled out, there is a lot of excitement around. However, a new update tends to bring in new bugs in the game as well. The Minecraft 1.20 playable snapshot, which happens to be an early version of the soon-to-be-launched update, has also resulted in the arrival of a bug in the game.

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Players who wish to put together a campfire with the help of the cherry blossom wood are in for some disappointment. There are several factors that make the campfire block highly important or significant. It can be best described as a light source that helps in pacifying bees or creating smoke signals. They also prove to be useful when you have to set up a trap. While players have been quite concerned about the presence of this bug, the good news is that Mojang has taken note of it and should fix it before Minecraft 1.20 is officially launched.

where is my campfire? from Minecraft

What is most annoying about this bug is that it makes it necessary for players to step out of the biome to get their hands on some wood and put together the items they wish to. Mojang must be feeling grateful about the fact that this new bug was traced much before the update was rolled out. When the update finally comes out, there is a good possibility of more bugs being discovered.

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The Minecraft 1.20 update, which doesn’t have a name yet, is slated to be launched this year. A final release, however, has not been decided yet. Players are keenly looking forward to this update as it promises to offer a set of new and exciting features that have not been seen in the game yet.

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