Here are the Android games worth playing in 2020

Best games to play

The gaming world is in an incredibly good place, largely thanks to the technological innovations regularly released on the market that have enabled the overall gaming experience to be better than ever before. Gamers are certainly living the high life.

Mobile gaming is an area that has shown huge growth in recent times. Our smartphones are more equipped than ever before to satisfy our gaming needs, with a whole host of excellent titles now available on mobile devices. So, without further ado, we thought we’d focus on android and highlight some of the best games available in 2020 so far.

The vast array of consoles and the games released is ridiculous, really. You have handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch proving hugely popular, alongside PC and console gaming, where the old favorites like Playstation and Xbox continue to pull in massive crowds, but obviously with newer versions of their machines. You also have sites like offering blackjack and the like. The increase in terms of the sophistication and the graphics these machines offer now is like nothing the gaming community has ever seen before.

Marvel Strike Force

It’s your job to save the earth with a bunch of Marvel characters we all know and love. You can collect your favorite heroes, upgrade them, assemble a team, and then battle in either a single-player campaign or you can take down players online. Easily one of the best games around, Marvel Strike Force is a must-have.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Building bridges sounds incredibly dull, but if you add science to it, it’s a hell of a lot more interesting. That certainly applies to Bridge Constructor Portal, where the aim of the game is to use various pieces of tech to build a bridge. The technology on offer is usually bizarre but amazing, and with over 60 test chambers to bridge, it’ll keep you entertained for hours on end.


An action RPG hack-n-slash, Anima is a game Diablo lovers will adore. It features a classic isometric camera angle, the setting is dark and gloomy, and the overall fantasy feel helps go towards what is an excellent all-round game. If you need some mayhem in your life and enjoy wreaking havoc, then AnimA could be for you. It’s certainly one of the top games of the year so far.

Flipping Legend

This is the sort of game that doesn’t sound great when you explain it, but Flipping Legend is simple perfection. Essentially, players are tasked with flipping through the levels, unlocking new abilities and seeing off any enemies in your path as you look to advance through the game and unlock new characters and their abilities. This isn’t a masterpiece in terms of graphics, but it certainly provides a vital fun factor. It’s flipping good fun, all right.

Monster Legends

Similar to Pokemon in the way that players need to catch creatures, train them up and evolve them, Monster Legends has been a hugely popular game in 2020 so far. The idea of the game – alongside training your monsters – is to build up your menagerie and then test your monsters in various battle modes, be it Team Wars or Team Battlegrounds. With over 600 monsters to collect, Monsters Legends is a fun game with plenty to get through.

Mini Metro

Designing a public transit system might seem like a breeze, but it’s actually challenging. The aim of Mini Metro is exactly that; to connect various stations in a line, all while managing city growth, rivers and the like. If you enjoy testing your brain, then the Mini Metro is the perfect creation.

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