Motorola Edge+, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy A50, Moto G6 and LG K51 Receive Software Update from Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Verizon

The Motorola Edge+, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy A50, Motorola Moto G8 and LG K51 are the devices taken up for software updates by the carrier Verizon.

While one or two devices are just getting the latest Android security update patches, the Motorola devices are being updated for performance. The details of the updates are as below.

Motorola Moto Edge+

This phone has been released by Motorola just a couple of months back and this is the first system update for the Moto Edge+ smartphone from Verizon. There are a number of changes being brought in.

    1. These include fixing the issue of zoom increments in the camera.
    2. Some stability improvements during mobility in GSM circles have also been included in this software update.
    3. The third area of improvement is in the display where the contrast and clarity have been improved through this update patch.

The latest Android security update patch for June 2020 also forms part of this software update sent OTA by Verizon to the Motorola Moto Edge+.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The update file for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 contains a few performance improvements and the latest June 2020 Android security update patch. This device is fairly old and this is the system update No. 29 for this device from Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50, released by the South Korean company in 2019 gets only the latest June 2020 Android security update patch. There is no other file included in this update from Verizon.

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Motorola Moto G6

This update for the Motorola Moto G6 is focused on some known issues in the call display function in the device. The update details on the Verizon site mention some Call Filter app issues, like Caller ID info not appearing for missed calls, the mobile number displayed twice for international calls and number not displayed for incoming calls. The update takes care of these issues. There is no intimation about the Android security update patch. Verizon may send that separately.

LG K51

The LG K51 smartphone is getting the Android security update patch for the month of April 2020. This update does not contain any other improvements.

If you own any of the above devices from Verizon, check manually if the update has been installed on your devices.

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