Hitman 4: IO Interactive Shares Brand New Update

Hitman 3

Fans who had been anxiously waiting to get some update about the release date of Hitman 4 have something to feel cheerful about as IO Interactive shares a new update about the much-awaited game.

IO Interactive, which is currently developing Hitman 4, has shared a new update about when one would get the opportunity to play it. Hitman 3, launched in the year 2021, was declared the best game to have been released in the franchise by fans. With time, the popularity of the game has increased manifold. While there is a lot of anticipation around Hitman 4, IO Interactive seems to have decided to channelize its energies toward developing other games at the moment.

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While speaking to Eurogamer, Christian Elverdam, who serves as the CCO of IO Interactive, stated that the company might take some time off the Hitman franchise. While fans can look forward to Hitman 3 getting fresh updates soon, Elverdam revealed that one of the things IO Interactive is focusing now on is the James Bond video game that it is developing. Elverdam’s statements have almost confirmed the fact that one would have to wait for a while to experience Hitman 4.

Elverdam said that the company is working hard towards putting together “another agent fantasy” and therefore, it would not be able to focus on the development work on Hitman 4 for some time. While this update could disappoint the fans of the Hitman franchise, one can seek solace in the fact the gaming publisher is developing another interesting franchise. Those who have enjoyed reading the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming or are fans of the movies based on them, would definitely be working on the title that is being developed by IO Interactive at the moment.

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