GTA Online: New Update Gets Dead Character Resurrected

GTA Online

GTA Online will resurrect a character that players had assumed to be dead in the ambit of the GTA universe.

Grand Theft Auto Online was launched around a decade back. Since then, many updates have been rolled out to make the game more accessible for the players. When GTA Online was initially launched, the events in the game preceded the incidents one stumbled upon in GTA 5. In simpler terms, GTA Online was set 6 months behind GTA Online. Because of this, one came across a bunch of faces, which one had earlier seen in the other games of the franchise, in the story mode of GTA Online.

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As time passed by, Rockstar Games made the decision to advance the timeline and feature Franklin and a few other characters in the game post the conclusion of the story. This resulted in the players getting the opportunity to try out several fun things in the game. Now, they will also get to witness the comeback of a GTA Online character that was presumed to be dead.

The Last Dose update from GTA Online has got a new trailer which reveals that Dr. Friedlander, who is Michael’s therapist, will stage a comeback into the game. While Dr. Friedlander works as a therapist during the day, he seems to be moonlighting as a drug lord. This is not quite surprising when you take into account the fact that he has engaged in a bunch of weird activities in the past. Being a therapist has also helped him in his ‘alternative’ career as he gets the opportunity to provide drugs to his patients.

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Players, who are well-versed with the GTA 5 universe and have witnessed the therapy sessions attended by Michael, are aware of the fact that he had certain issues with Dr. Friedlander. The therapist has stated that he has managed to secure a book and TV deal and because of this, he will be leaving Los Santos soon. In the same breath, he mentioned that he will continue to narrate the story of Michael under an alias. Michael would have the option of killing Dr. Friedlander or killing him.

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