Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: $70 Price is Truly Justified, Nintendo’s Doug Bowser

Tears of the Kingdom

The price of $70 for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is not going to be the norm for all titles but for ones that offer an extensive, immersive gaming experience.

The statement is made by none other than Doug Bowser from Nintendo and when it comes directly from the core head, we have very little to argue against it.

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The problem with video games right now is that it is a confusing mess. Xbox Game Pass has made all mediocre and AA titles immediately accessible along with their excellent day-one releases. PlayStation for some odd reason has launched its own subscription service but at the same time, all major game titles are moving towards a $70 pricing. It intimidates the buyers like no other team because gaming consoles like Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are of no use unless you have plenty of game titles on them.

Joining the fray now is Nintendo with Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom’s $70 price which is the first of many, according to most gamers and industry trend-watchers. However, Nintendo of America President, Doug Bowser said, “We had to increase the price by $10 primarily because of the massive content the game offers and it is of true value. This isn’t going to be the price point of all games. The cost is quite fair in Europe, USA and other parts of the world because not all game titles are priced $70 so far.”

Is Gaming Luxury Now?

This a quite common question that almost all gamers ask these days because gaming PCs cost over $2000 with great discounts on titles. Consoles cost much lesser but the AAA titles are always on the expensive side at $60 for many years until now. Nintendo on the other hand clarifies they are going to handle this case by case basis ensuring it won’t be the norm for future Mario or other franchises.

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They do have Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon priced at $60 and Pikimin 4 costs the same. We do know that the $70 pricing of the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is not going to be the same for all Zelda titles for that matter yet the most popular choices like Mario Kart or an upcoming Super Mario can easily be pushed to a niche pricing structure.

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