How much does it cost to make an app?

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Making the most popular and widely used app on iOS or Android platforms is one of the biggest challenges faced by every industry today. Be it tourism, eCommerce, information technology or the food industry, everyone wants a share in the growing market. With smartphones readily available with over a billion people worldwide, it is only logical to seek app development services from the right firm and deploy your brand on the platform.

But, if it is so easy and simple to deploy, why there are so many different apps? How are some apps much better while others are not? The answers come down to a lot of different factors because there is no straight answer to your question. You cannot say it costs $500 or $100,000 to make that perfect app that would go instantly viral on Apple’s app store and Google’s Play Store.

Instead, it is a long drawn process that is abridged by a team of professional experts including iOS developers, Android app developers, user interface and user experience creators, programmers among many others. Everyone in an organization of your choice should be the best at what they do which is the key to succeeding in this industry. It provides the big boost required for your brand to reach your market, be it regional or global.

5 Most Important Aspects of App Development

An app has multiple facets that should be split into groups so that all of them can work together at the same time. The teams will usually start working individually after which they are expected to collaborate a cohesive experience to its users.


The cost is always based on your budget because you could choose to go the hard way and pick app developers from a freelancers’ website or go for comprehensive app development services from a single firm. The organization in question will be responsible for everything and should complete the work within the specific cost. Such a level of professionalism cannot be expected from individuals because they are focused on their job rather than the end product.

User interface

The most dashing part of an app should its user interface and deliver a seamless, complete user experience. The user, when they download your app on their iOS device or Android phone should be able to understand how it works without any support. After all, there are usually no instruction manuals on how to use an app which is where UX and UI come into the picture. A seasoned designer can easily understand these key elements and such experienced people are hired by top app development companies.

Platform of choice

Not every customer is going to be using an expensive iPhone while some apps are more inclined towards the Android operating system. Just because you want your brand to be noticed doesn’t mean you should hop on to every platform at the same time. Instead, consider investing your money into building the best app on a single platform and you can always switch to another one at a later time. It makes the entire process more focused and delivers better quality.

Focused services

Some apps try to do everything at once. While it is not advisable to have a new app for every different service you provide, it is not good to clutter the app’s user interface with too many things. If you are building a dating app, go for it with the basic information rather than providing restaurant details in it. Similarly, a food delivery app or a PC seller shouldn’t try to add maps to their app because it increases the production cost while confusing those who tend to use your product.

Professional assistance

When choosing the best app development services, you should also consider if the company is capable of providing professional assistance throughout the process. They should be able to scale whenever required because there are times when you simply want to have an iOS app as well even though you originally signed up for Android app development. The level of support provided a company goes a long way in helping you achieve your business goals with minimal fuss.

Guide to Choosing the Best App Development Company

The internet is flooded with information in every direction and the average joe will find himself completely lost because of what is being offered. There are dozens of app development companies worldwide and in your country. While it may seem like a great prospect to go beyond that and pick your team individually, going for a company that takes responsibility for the entire task is the best way to go.

When choosing the company to help you in your app development process, look for,

  • A firm that would help you get the job done within your proposed budget or could help split it up for a longer-term
  • When the company is versatile to help accommodate your budget, you could possibly establish a long-term relationship with them
  • Look for a firm that has an impeccable track record
  • Every app development company has a strong team but make sure they possess the necessary expertise that you are looking for
  • Consider providing them a sample job before you sign up for the entire setup
  • Focus on their working methodology because frequent updates are often essential
  • Discuss any discrepancies so that they are easy to sort out if required
  • Go with a positive approach and you are sure to find what you are looking for

The best app development services can help bring your business to a pedestal and get it noticed by thousands of users, thus expanding your brand’s horizons to a whole new level.

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