How to Play Inscryption on PS5

Inscryption is one of those card games where the less you know, the better. If initially, it seems that you have a regular game in the genre of card duels, then the real magic happens between the battles on the screen. Even the name of the game, Inscryption is already fraught with many secrets.

Today we will tell you more about the game Inscryption on PS5, considering the features of the gameplay. You will also find some tips to help you defeat your opponent.

The most significant difficulty of the game is that it is not always clear when to draw cards from the deck. Here, same as when playing baccarat online, it is essential to calculate your risks correctly. You can’t continue the game unless you buff your attackers with more sacrifices, but there’s always a chance to pull something cheaper and weaker out of the deck.

More About the Game Inscryption

Inscryption is very similar to the famous Dungeons & Dragons, it has almost the same structure, and at the other end of the table, you have the same menacing figure sitting in front of you. The game’s goal is to win each round with the cards you have in your hand. Each card has its own abilities and a certain amount of attack points.

The silhouette at the other end of the table often changes personalities and appearance. It all depends on what situation you are faced with, what cards you got from the deck, how you improved your heroes, etc. You can lose, but no more than two times. Otherwise, you will simply return to the very beginning.

Each game round of Inscryption begins with the fact that you get 4 basic cards in your hand and a deck of cards with resources. Each card corresponds to a specific creature. Creatures have different attack, defense, and summon values.

The summoning ability depends on the blood stat. It indicates how many creatures must be sacrificed to collect blood and fulfill the call. You gain bone counters if a creature you control is sacrificed or killed.

The resource deck gives you the ability to play squirrel cards for free. You can sacrifice them in the last minutes if you are afraid of losing them or use them to summon more powerful creatures. The received dice tokens are used only after your first loss to an opponent.

What Creatures are in the Game Inscryption

To build a strong deck in Inscryption for PS5, you first need to learn the types of creatures present here.

Canine Creatures

They are pretty weak creatures that are capable of simply tearing things apart. This category includes wolves and bloodhounds. Initially, you get a wolf cub in your hands. He can perform an actual attack only after one turn when he turns into an adult wolf.

The bloodhound does not need to grow up. She immediately starts attacking the enemy card as soon as she appears on the field. During attacks, the bloodhound turns into an alpha wolf.

Canine creature cards are for you if you want to achieve victory through fast attacks. But it is worth remembering that these cards have minimal indicators of protection and endurance.

Bird Creatures

Bird creatures in the game are presented as an alternative to dog ones. The main feature of these heroes is that they can bypass enemies’ defense thanks to flight. It is not difficult to summon such a creature. Only a certain amount of blood is required.

Minus bird creatures – among the cards, there are few heavyweight heroes who can withstand rivals in battle. The best card in this category is the Turkey Vulture. But to summon him, you will need 8 bone tokens at once.


Each reptile in the game has unique and status abilities:

  • Able to block flying attacks from bird creatures.
  • Capable of releasing a poison that can instantly kill an opponent during an attack.
  • Use their severed tail as a different creature when attacking an opponent.

The reptile deck is suitable for players who like a more technical style of play. With these creatures, you can easily break and prevent your opponents’ attacks.


The main skill of this category of creatures is that they can summon hordes while remaining alive. Here are some unique abilities for different creatures:

  1. This creature has immortality. You will be able to revive him every time after killing or sacrificing.
  2. Ants and the Ant Queen. Cards get stronger as more of them appear in your deck.
  3. Corpse larvae. You can immediately summon a corpse larva when any other creature from your deck dies.


On every creature card, no matter what category it belongs to, you can find images of sigils. These marks essentially indicate what unique ability a particular creature has. For example, the sign of the wing is flight. The crossbones is poison, etc.

Every battle in Inscryption is exciting and tense until the very end. Most often, victory is determined at the stage of what starting cards you received in your hand during the draw. At the same time, a correct understanding of the mechanics of battles and the use of your creatures’ abilities is an opportunity to change the course of the game round.

Inscryption on PS5 has received more convenient control after transferring from PC. If you’re looking for a unique card experience, we recommend downloading the game on your console now.

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