Grand Theft Auto Online Update Introduces Multi-Floor Garage In The Game

GTA Onlinne Garage

A recently launched update by GTA Online adds a new garage in the game that accommodates 50 robust vehicles.

Rockstar Games recently revealed a new content update for Grand Theft Auto Online that marks the arrival of a new multi-floor garage in the game that serves as the home for 50 distinct vehicles. This update has also introduced a bunch of exciting activities in the game. GTA Online has made close to 750 vehicles accessible to its players and this garage gives them the opportunity to showcase their collections in an organized manner.

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As the multiplayer component of GTA 5, GTA Online provides players with a plethora of features that they do not come across in the other GTA games. Because of this, the game has steadily climbed up the popularity charts and expanded its player base significantly with time. In the game, players get the opportunity to give life to characters they have imagined and get them to participate in a variety of activities including major heists and car races.

If a player wishes to take a tour of Los Santos, they can choose any of the 746 vehicles that are accessible to them in the game. Apart from SUVs and sports cars, they can also try out utility trucks, motorcycles, helicopters and planes. It is important to note here that certain vehicles like the Oppressor Mk II tend to go out of control in PvP modes. With time and experience, you manage to get a good command over heavier vehicles.

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The inclusion of the new garage in the game must have delighted several fans, especially those who happen to be car enthusiasts. This particular garage is based on Eclipse Boulevard, which is quite a happening area in Los Santos. The garage has many features that help it get an edge over several other garages that you might have come across in the game. It features, for instance, five customizable floors, each of which could accommodate 10 vehicles each. Apart from elaborate seating arrangements, players will also get access to a variety of food and beverage items.

It is also a good time for GTA Online players who had been wanting to expand their vehicle collection in the game. Players now have the opportunity to acquire the new Toundra Panthere sports car from Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Legendary Motorsport. It must be noted that this vehicle is accessible only till February 22.

The newest content update has also brought in a new Stash House that features money and drugs. To get these items, you have to put up a fight with those individuals who had been safeguarding them. By defeating their competitors, players can gain access to money, ammunition, a new daily drop and several other interesting items.

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