Instagram will Now Work Offline to Save Data and Attract More Users

Instagram Work Offline

Instagram is an extremely popular app for your photography browsing needs and to stay entertained with latest updates.

While Twitter, Facebook serves it’s own purpose, Instagram works on its own to a specific set of audience.

The thing that the developers now realized is that while the user base is pretty large on the app, at least 80% of them reside out of the United States. Many of them are in countries where internet is not so prevalent as the first world countries have and are also constrained by limited data usage. In an attempt to keep them on the platform and to make scrolling through those endless photos easy, Instagram has now launched the new offline mode which will work without an internet connection.


At the F8 event, the company confirmed that users will be able to use almost all of its features except for some without an internet connection. The features are already live on the Android version of the app. Majority of the users around the globe rely on this particular operating system unlike the iPhone and iOS which is pretty much limited to the United States. The developers during the event added that they are working on bringing the same offline to iOS platform in due time. The team is working to fix the things before rolling it out to the iPhones and the iPads.

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Explaining how it works, Hendri an Instagram engineer confirmed that people will be able to view all the content that are already pre-loaded in the feed. If you are a user, you will be able to comment on other photos, like those that look fancy and also save media on your devices. Any action including unliking people and others that users have done in the offline mode will be instantly relayed to the servers as soon as the internet resumes. Being a user, you will hardly realize whether you are doing it online or offline as long as you have access to the web within a day or so. It still needs internet to load new content and add photos to the feed so that you can browse them offline.

Instagram Work Offline

Any profile that user has already visited will be visible in their Explore tab. Meanwhile, Facebook the owners of Instagram has been working on improving their Facebook Messenger with chatbots. The company also happens to own WhatsApp making it the top three social media apps an average user would need on a daily basis to stay connected.