The Sims 4 Team is Getting Ready for its 10th Expansion Pack

Sims 4

The Sims 4 is an exciting and every growing world where you would never go short of having fun.

While the number of players and newly made content significantly improved with a wide range of expansion packs and patch updates, there is still no dearth for something new every fortnight or so. The development team Maxis is gearing up for a new expansion pack which also happens to be the tenth one on the list.

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The newly launched items including Star Wars Journey to Battu and Eco Pack among so many others provide you a variety of different stuff to explore in Sims world. However, it looks like another huge expansion pack is in the making and it will be a grand one because of its prominence. After all, they definitely wouldn’t miss an opportunity to make the tenth more memorable and exciting for their long-standing players right?

Sims 4 Nifty Knitting

In their teaser content, the team confirmed that they are not going to add more cars or babies but it will be an exhilarating addition to the world of the Sims 4. In the recent past, the development team was criticized for odd reasons. They were considered to favor white skin and didn’t have enough dark skin tones in their avatars. This created a bad impression but the newly revealed skin tones with 100s of the new palette to choose from make the game politically correct yet again. It also helps players better represent themselves in the virtual world.


Official Twitter Teaser

If you are really interested to know more, you should probably follow this Twitter post. The Maxis team has posted that they will bring in more content to the base game. A lot of players also opined that the Sims 4 never had as much content as the Sims 3, to begin with. Players had to wait months for expansion packs and stuff packs to get launched. Even when they did so, the count wasn’t as much as it was supposed to be. It is being said that Generations could be the next huge expansion pack they are working on. Unless the team reveals it next week, we may not be able to confirm because it could easily be something entirely different.

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Many stuff packs came into being after the community voted the highest for those. Right now, we never had such surveys but we can hope Maxis knows their audience better than anyone else.

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