iPhone 8 Will Have No Buttons, Works on Gestures and Facial Recognition

Apple iphone 8 facial detection

Smartphone manufacturers are trying hard to balance or remove the home button, which is also the fingerprint sensor now.

Apple iPhone 8 which is slated for launch on September 12th plans to set a new benchmark for the whole smartphone industry.

The company took a huge leap when they courageously removed the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7. It might take another three years or more for the average phone to get rid of the port. Almost the entire share of high end and entry level headphones available in the market still uses a 3.5mm port which you can use with an iPhone 7 if you are ready to carry a dongle around.

Apple Iphone 8

On the similar lines, Apple plans to completely get rid of the home button and the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8. Most smartphone manufacturers were forced to push the fingerprint sensor to the rear end of the device, just below the camera to make the phone bezel free. Besides, it also made a lot of phones look futuristic like the newly launched Essential phone or Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Longer Power Button

With new rumors flooding in, it looks like the new Apple flagship model will sport a bezel less front display without any buttons or maybe even make the camera very small as they did in the Essential phone. A taller OLED screen is expected to grace the front side of the while. It sports a longer power button on the side to make it easy to find and switch it off. The power and volume buttons  may be the only buttons on the phone that users could access.

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Better Reception with Steel Band

It is also being said that the Apple iPhone 8 will sport a stainless band on the sides along with the glass panel so as to improve reception and offer the best call quality. The fingerprint scanner will be replaced by a facial recognition setup. It will be combined with gesture controls using which users can open the home screen, open or close an app apart from doing a wide range of actions previously done using the home button.

Apple iphone gesture

Android phones use onscreen buttons that work based on touch but Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus wants to up the ante by making all of them gesture friendly. The phone should be a groundbreaking launch in order to stand out of competition and inspire manufacturers to come up with futuristic smartphones.


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