iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Technology is Not As Fast as You Would Expect

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

Apple iPhone 8 is close to release date and the rumors with regards to the upcoming flagship just wouldn’t stop.

A whole lot of rumors and information from third party manufacturers confirmed that a bezel less design is what the company wants to achieve.

Samsung has already done it with Galaxy S8 and it won’t be a surprise if Apple does the same with their new phone. Similarly, wireless charging is another nifty feature that is finally coming to the flagship phone. While the new sounds promising, there is a practical issue associated with it. Most users are accustomed to the fact that their phone charges in just 15 minutes or so, made possibly by fast charging technology. The iPhone 8 may not be as fast as how users expect it to be.

iPhone 8

The news comes from an unnamed source which claims that the Apple iPhone 8 is powered by Qi standard wireless charging technology. The latest Qi 1.2 standard can support up to 15 watt charging which will not be supported by the iPhone 8. The company, much to the dismay of most had opted to go with the standard power profile which is just 7.5 watts. The term quick charging is applicable only when the full 15 watts power is shared with the phone. However, by reducing the overall output Apple may have made it very slow when it comes to charging the phone using wireless technology.

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The report adds that Apple will make use of the Qi wireless standard technology and in order to keep things locked to their ecosystem, the company might use the MFi chip which will work only with approved third party accessories. The Qi pad that some people might already own will not work with the yet to be launched Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, if rumors are to be believed.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Technology Not As Fast

A lot of rumors related to the iPhone 8 have been floating around and the most prominent of them all, is the price Tag. The phone is expected to be close to $1,000 or so making it the most expensive flagship device to go for. It will sport a 5.8-inch OLED display with a 3,000 mAh battery and sport a bezel less design so as to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones on equal grounds. At this pricing, will customers still love Apple as they always did? They just might as they did with the new Macbook Pro.

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