Jaguar Land Rover SVO Division is Interested in Competing with Mercedes AMG Cars

Jaguar Land Rover SVO

Janguar’s Land Rover is associated with its Special Vehicle Operations SVO a division where they make superfast sports cars and the automobile manufacturer aims to push its boundaries.

The idea is to compete with Mercedes AMG cars in terms of performance, style and brand value.

The SVO division had already come up with XE SV Project 8 which will further expand into other bespoke models. The automobile brand has planned to stop working on existing F-Type models like Project 7 and Project 8 which is based on XE but rather focus on building new models from the scratch. When it comes out, the new super car will directly compete with the Mercedes AMG GT edition.

Jaguar F-Type Project 7

“We wouldn’t mind admitting the fact that the Mercedes AMG GT has tasted immense success that inspired us to come up with a car of our own. Instead of going in the traditional route of Jaguar Land Rover and other sports car in the line up, we wanted to create something entirely new. Something that would change the look and give SVO the attention it deserves,” said John Edwards during an interview to an automobile magazine.

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Jaguar is keen on creating a rival for Mercedes which is evident from their latest hyper cars that have been announced so far. Many of them are still in their early production stages. However, when they get launched possibly in the next two years, they will not only compete with Mercedes AMG GT but also against any other newer models the partnership would release. The F-Type SVR with bespoke body and a fully upgraded interior stands proof to the claim that they are indeed going after the most exclusive models in the automobile industry.

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Speaking more about their future plans, Edward confirmed that while the company is interested in expanding Land Rover through the SVO division, they are working to get the Project models right before embarking on individual cars. Another rumor claims that JLR products may soon get the SVO division treatment which is unconfirmed at the moment and Jaguar may choose to go a different route to pick the F-Pace or the Range Rover Velar SUVs to make them fast enough to join the league.

Jaguar Land Rover SVO

The XE SV Project 8 went from the sketch level to actual production in about twelve months. The engineers working on the project have been provided utmost freedom to develop what they like which should guide Jaguar towards an innovative car that could beat Mercedes AMG GT.

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