WhatsApp Latest Update Brings Group Description to iOS, Locked Recording Gets a New Tooltip


The development team behind WhatsApp is working hard to make the Group feature work better, more private and less of spam for a long time as can be seen in their latest versions 2.18.83 and 2.18.84.

As part of their efforts, the team rolled out a new group description feature (as part of 2.18.30 iOS changelog) which got released on Android a month ago and is now available on the iOS platform.

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The most popular social media apps, Facebook and WhatsApp are smothered by spam messages on a whole new level. While Facebook is a social site where people continuously share spam links, WhatsApp was spammed through groups. Users create groups so that they could easily stay in touch with their friends, family and colleagues. The idea eventually grew into something much bigger than what the developers intended.

Whatsapp Group Description iOS

An About Section for Groups

The team behind WhatsApp always brings the newest features to Android first before they launch it on the iOS platform. The app is officially out of Windows Phone and future updates may no longer get released on Microsoft’s mobile OS. It should make it easier for the developers to focus solely on the two major mobile operating systems as WP is out of the game now.

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According to WABetaInfo on Twitter, the About feature will make it easier for WhatsApp group admins to provide a short description of what the group is about. The participants will find it easier to know more about the group after they officially join it. All participants can head to the Group Info section to read the description. The description will also be displayed on the page where the list of participants is provided.

Pinned Group Description at a Quick Glance

You can either join a WhatsApp group by getting an invite directly from an admin or by using a group invite link. As soon as a participant joins the group, the description will be displayed in a pinned box at the top. The feature makes it easier for a new participant to know if they are comfortable being in the group and can choose to quit if they find that it is not relevant to their interests.

Whatsapp ios

New Tooltips Make it Easier to Understand Locked Recordings

Whatsapp Voice recording ios

Whatsapp ios tooltip

WhatsApp on Android has already received the locked recordings feature in the 2.18.70 update but it is not widely available to the users yet. When it’s out, you will no longer have to hold the mic button when recording a message. The development team has added a simple tooltip to teach users how to lock their recording and it looks very intuitive.

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