Leak: Halo Infinite Battle Royale Game Mode Information Surfaces Online

halo infinite

Recently, a report came out online and offered several important details on the developer ‘Certain Affinity’ working towards developing a new Battle Royale game mode for Halo Infinite.

As per the reports, the scale of this mode will be at par with Call of Duty: Warzone. Since no sources were mentioned in the report, one is not very sure about its credibility.

These leaks were shared on Twitter by the Infinite Leaks team which is known to release information about Halo Infinite at regular intervals. According to the leak, the in-development mode is being referred to as the ‘Tatanka’ game mode and it could be pitched as Halo Infinite’s Battle Royale.

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While much of the information shared in these leaks isn’t the kind that would take you by surprise but they have definitely helped in solidifying speculations about Taranka being a battle royale mode. The different game modes that have been discovered include Tatanka-Duos-UGC, Tatanka-Quads-UGC, Tatanka-DefaultBots-UGC, and Tatanka-Default-UGC.

It must be remembered that UGC happens to be a flag used in Halo Infinite. This particular flag serves as a reference point for different game modes. So, by Tatanka-Quads-UGC one refers to Tatanka game mode’s four-player version.

The leak also familiarizes you with what you should expect from the game mode. The mode offers players several interesting options including using a ‘Containment Zone’, a loot item table, execution timings and more. There are multiple options to regulate the different features of the battle royale mode as well.

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While the leak doesn’t shed light on the ‘big’ features that you expect in a battle royale mode, there is a good chance of you hearing about it in the days to come. However, these leaks have definitely led to a lot of fans believing that the battle royale is being developed.

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