LEGO Minecraft: Here Are The Sets Fans Can Look Forward To Being Unveiled Next Year

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The LEGO Minecraft sets, which are slated to arrive in January 2024, have caused a lot of excitement among fans!

Whenever LEGO is about to release a new set, it causes a lot of excitement in the gaming community. In this regard, the company’s collaborations with video games have been very successful. That’s why fans are extremely excited to see all that the upcoming LEGO Super Mario expansion sets offer. Fans are also keenly awaiting the arrival of the Fortnite x LEGO event.

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A bunch of new LEGO Minecraft sets along with a plethora of adventurous battles and themed houses have been unveiled. All of this will be launched next year. JB Spielwaren, a European online retailer, revealed the LEGO Minecraft sets and offered a glimpse into the kind of material LEGO Minecraft fans will get exposed to next year. This preview has given fans an indication of what they could expect from the sets.

The Desert Expedition set by the LEGO Minecraft Steve comprises of 75 pieces that form a small desert hut, a small Steve minifigure and a Phantom. Since the set is expected to be out early next year, fans are extremely excited about it. Fans of Minecraft Legends would be quite appreciative of The Devourer Showdown set which is set to feature 420 pieces that fans can use to put together a ghastly beast along with a bunch of minifigures.

The LEGO Minecraft The Nether Portal Ambush set, on the other hand, comes with 352 pieces that can be used to set up a Nether forest biome, a Hoglin, Ghast and a variety of Magma Cubes. The set also comes equipped with a player minifigure. The LEGO Minecraft Frog House set comprises 400 pieces that will be used to make the amphibian abode along with some of the structures surrounding it. Just like the other sets, this will be arriving in 2024.

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Many players would also find the LEGO Minecraft Turtle Beach House set comprising of 234 pieces fascinating. Using these pieces, fans can put together the terrapin territory, a small island and a raft. Along with a cute turtle, the set would have two minifigures as well. While the pricing of these sets has not been confirmed as yet, one expects huge demand for them across regions when they come out.

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