Pokémon Horizons: New Trailer Confirms Release Date For US

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The much-awaited series will be broadcast in different regions on different dates!

Pokémon Horizons, the upcoming animated series, is being keenly looked forward to by both fans of Pokémon and anime. For a very long time, fans had been waiting to get an update on its release date. Now, they finally have one. Fans based in the United States can watch the series on Netflix from February 23, 2024. The release date was confirmed via the freshly released official trailer for the series.

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Pokémon has been one of the most loved franchises in the world. For more than two decades, the series has managed to capture the imagination of fans based in every corner of the world. Through a special event in Japan, Pokémon Horizons was officially announced in December 2022. After the announcement was made, a teaser trailer was launched to introduce Liko and Roy, the main characters in the series. Fans were also introduced to Paldea, the fresh region.

No official announcement, however, was made about the release date of the series. Now that the official trailer is released, fans can be sure about the series getting a release in the US. Fans must remember that the launch date of the series for different regions could vary.

The trailer of Pokémon Horizons kicks off with a glimpse of Riko who is shown to be very excited about participating in different adventures at the Indigo Academy based in the Kanto region. One also gets to see Pokémon Sprigatito who is the loyal companion of Liko. In the trailer, one can witness Liko feeling excited about finding out about a Pokémon series in detail and getting to know herself a little better. Later in the trailer, you can see Roy, the other primary character, with Fuecoco. We get to know that Roy wants to put together a team of Pokémon and wishes to build a reputation for themselves as a reliable trainer.

Once the primary characters are introduced, the focus shifts to Friede, who happens to be a member of an organization named Rising Volt Tacklers. While one does not get an idea about the mission they have embarked upon, one realizes that are driven by the need to uncover the secrets of Pokémon and explore the different elements that are a part of this world. The trailer also shows that Charizard will make a comeback to the Pokémon universe through the series.

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Pokémon Horizons will be launched in Canada on March 2, 2024. Canadian audiences can either watch the series on Cartoon Network or Télétoon. In Australia, the series will be available from February 27, 2024 on 9Go. Pokémon Horizons has been put together by OLM and Team Kato studios and promises to offer fans high-quality animation.

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