LEGO Worlds to Release in Either February or March 2017 on Multiple Devices

LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds has won the hearts of its LEGO building blocks fans worldwide ever since it made its first appearance.

While the game was first made available on Steam Early Access in 2015 LEGO enthusiasts now have additional choices of playing the upcoming version of their favorite game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. Plans are also being made for a possible Nintendo Switch release. The initial game met with very good response from avid players and there are hopes among gamers that the new game will not let them down. While a couple of reports indicate a February release mentions the release getting postponed by a month to March. The reason for the delay could be because of the Switch release as this console will hit the market only in March 2017. But, if the roll out happens in February, it will first happen on PlayStation 4 allowing these fans to enjoy the game earlier than their counterparts.

LEGO Worlds Release

The new humorous and impressive LEGO Worlds will give a totally new tangent to the brick building approach and will need a lot of strategies to be accomplished to fulfill the goal. However, this will definitely not lessen the excitement of the gamers and will retain the same fun and happiness involved in physical LEGO building. The environments will be totally opened and can be built by players based on their preferences. Once they have done this, they can choose to play the game in one of two modes – either competitive or cooperative. In competitive mode, you will have to play against other gamers whereas the cooperative mode engages in getting you to participate along with others as a team. Whichever mode players choose, they will find themselves embarking on a fascinating journey that helps them become master builders.

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In the course of the LEGO Worlds game, players will take on different assignments such as customizing characters based on preferences, building various structures and exploring the inside of vehicles. As the game proceeds, they will make use of different means of transportation such as spaceships, submarines and vehicles that traverse on earth.

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