LG V20 vs Honor 6X : V20 Trumps in Tech Specs, Honor 6X in Price

LG V20 and Honor 6X

Here is a comparison between the LG V20 and the Honor 6X to check out which one of these has the stuff to take on the competition.

There are many features that the two devices have in common, but they do differ in some aspects.

LG V20

LG V20

Honor 6X

Honor 6X

What’s Common?

The LG V20 as well as Honor 6X come in a completely metal design and offer a solid build. The specs are good and this is especially surprising considering the reasonable cost of the Honor 6X. The LCD technology on the display screens of both the smartphones is the same, though the resolutions are different. Both the LG V20 and the Honor 6X come with expandable memory with the use of a microSD card.

All other usual features, such as Wi Fi and Bluetooth, GPS and the USB port are present in the two devices. The Bluetooth comes in v4.2 version for the LG V20 and v4.1 version for the Honor 6X.

What’s Different

The V20 comes with a display that is just 0.2 inches more. The former is also taller and weighs more by 12 grams compared to Honor 6X. The processor on both these devices is diferent and so is the GPU. AS far as the RAM is concerned, both the devices have 4 GB RAM in the 64 GB version. However, the RAM is 3 GB in case of the 32 GB version of the Honor 6X.

Both the devices come with the USB port, but the LG V20 has an upgraded USB Type C port that is reversible, whereas the one on the Honor 6X is a microUSB, v.2.0 type.

Two Displays

The LG V20 comes with 2 displays using the always-on technology. The secondary display offers savings on the battery of the device, by dispensing with the primary display and keeping only the smaller secondary one on. This is useful for feeding notifications and so on.

Camera and Battery

The cameras on both the devices are similar but not exactly the same. The LG V20 comes with a resolution of 16 MP for the rear camera and 8 MP for the front camera. As for the Honor 6X, it has a 12 MP resolution for the rear camera and 2 MP for the front one.

The battery on the Honor 6X is bigger at 3340 mAh and offers rapid charging, though it is non removable. As for the LG V20, it comes with a removable battery powered at 3200 mAH, which should last through the day. Users can opt for the Quick Charge 3.0 enabling fast charge or else they can get a new battery replacement, as it is removable.

LG V20 and Honor 6X

Fingerprint Sensors

The fingerprint sensor feature is present on both the devices. However, though you can use it for unlocking the LG V20 as well as the Honor 6X, only the former will offer support for authorizing mobile payment. The Honor 6X lacks the NFC chip.

Superior Smartphone

The LG V20 is the superior one of the two, save for the price. It trumps the Honor 6X in tech specs, but if you want a good device at a bargain, the Honor 6X is for you.

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