Link’s Breath Of The Wild House Gets Recreated by Minecraft Build

Minecraft Link House

Legend of Zelda series’ fans are currently occupied with Minecraft.

Though Hyrule has been reimagined in Minecraft earlier, recently a player paved the way for fellow Zelda fans to have a look at the interiors of the Link’s house which features in Breath of the Wild.

In Breath of the Wild, one of the missions requires the player to complete a few tasks in order for Link to get a home in Hateno Village. A quest titled ‘Hylian Homeowner’ makes it necessary for the player to collect 30 bundles of wood along with 3,000 rupees to match the asking price for the bedraggled home that Link will eventually stake a claim on.

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Once the player manages to collect these resources, they would be able to spend an additional amount to get their house furnished. The home is a very special important place for the player as it offers them a place to rejuvenate after spending an entire day indulging in dangerous adventures. It also gives them space to store the weapons and other items they wouldn’t require when they go back to Hyrule.

Minecraft Link House

A Minecraft player on Reddit with the username Pug227 took it upon himself to recreate Link’s house in a very detailed manner. The house now comes across as a fully furnished enterprise filled with weapon mounts, bed, flowers, a tree and a signboard. In the comment section, a large number of fans appreciated the kind of detailing and efforts that went into building the house. There were also a bunch of cheeky comments about the novelty associated with seeing a Link’s house which does not have any unwelcome guests or intruders. This issue, as many gamers would remember, was very much prominent in Breath of the Wild.

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Minecraft players get a lot of joy out of building locations based on other gaming universes. Enterprising gamers have put together everything in Minecraft including Among Us maps and Pokemon recreations. Locations have also been recreated based on fictional universes like Harry Potter. Having said that, some of the most striking Minecraft builds feature locations based on the real world. Recently, an Amsterdam recreation in Minecraft captured the imagination of the players with its accuracy and detail. Now, it seems that players will get into a healthy competitive space when it comes to putting together builds.

Building a small or moderate-sized house is not as expansive or difficult as putting together an entire city but it is still a very creative and immersive job. Pug227 has definitely done a splendid job at rebuilding an iconic location and in the process, has inspired fellow players to make efforts to put together a similar or even better build.

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