Maxis Puts Up a Teaser Image for ‘Summer Of Sims’ Material for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Summer

Summer season is approaching and to do something special this season, Maxis is gearing up to launch a large content or material for The Sims 4.

The game, which is known to offer content packages that never seem to end, is slated to launch the ‘Summer Of Sims’. A tweet posted by the official Twitter account of the game states that the Summer Of Sims will be a part of the entire summer season and will offer players new and innovative content pertaining to the game.

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Every aspect of the game will be filled with new content. For starters, a brand-new kit will be launched that will enable players to ‘courtyard and chill’. The kits that you will come across in The Sims 4 are small-sized packs largely comprising of new furniture, clothes and other objects. Despite being small in size, they prove to be quite useful and are used extensively by the gamers.

Reportedly, a new game pack is also being developed which shall enable players to try out a new career. At the moment, however, there is not much that is known about this game pack. Game packs come in moderate sizes and are capable of turning the game around in different ways. While doing so, they ensure that the core aspects of the game don’t undergo a shift. For instance, there are some game packs that can introduce vampires and other interesting characters to The Sims 4.

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As far as the major changes being made to the game this season are concerned, a bunch of new updates and an expansion pack can be expected. These updates will be largely aimed at enhancing the overall experience of playing the game. This expansion pack will give players the freedom to ‘bond with nature’. There is a chance of it being the farming pack gamers have been expecting to arrive for a while.

The accuracy of this theory will be known when the pack gets launched finally. The expansion packs are quite elaborate and allow the players to take their Sims to new locations to carry out a variety of tasks and activities. It has also been heard that as many as three base-game updates are scheduled to be launched for The Sims 4. At the moment, there is no information as to what exactly they will offer.

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