Two Red Dead Online Players Become the Victim of a Prank by Hackers

Red Dead Online

Online games are prone to a lot of security issues. No matter how many measures the gaming company takes, a game which is played online tends to suffer from the risk of cyber threats.

Red Dead Online by Rockstar Games has been at the receiving end of the exploitative practices of hackers and modders ever since it was launched.

Modders usually use certain cheats to get ahead in the game and at times, to cause trouble to other individuals playing the game. Then, there are times when modders or hackers also indulge in pranks that are harmless in nature. Recently, two Read Dead Online players were at the receiving end of such a prank.

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Read Dead Online players have complained about major hacking practices like being targeted by hackers in a way to the extent of getting banned from playing the game. Streamers and online players have been harassed on multiple occasions and that hasn’t done any good to the game or company’s reputation. Ever since it was launched, Rockstar Games have made sincere efforts to track down hackers and control these unethical practices. While they have been succeeded in some of their endeavours on this front, they haven’t realty been to put an end to hacking practices.

The picture, that you see below, gives a glimpse of what the prank was all about. In this particular image, you can see the two players standing in a forest-like area and their backs facing the camera. On the signs, which are put behind them, we can see “DONATE: Please donate to the poor” written. The Redditor expresses his amusement by writing a cheeky caption like “Apparently the game knows me and my friend are poor and decided to literally label us as such…”

Apparently the game knows me and my friend are poor and decided to literally label us as such… from RedDeadOnline

The two players found the two signs stuck behind their back after getting done with a Moonshiner mission. While it is not known who created and put these signs behind them, it is quite a harmless prank as compared to the much harmful pranks played out by hackers and modders in the past.

The ones who have played or witnessed the Red Dead Redemption’s story could recognize the sign easily as it has been derived from the ‘Of Men and Angels’ mission. In that mission, Sister Calderon goes about an initiative which involves collecting donations in the form of food and money to distribute it among the underprivileged residents of the area. One can see the donation bucket and the sign right next to her. Apparently, the modder used this particular item from the game in the prank he played.

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In the recent past, hackers have proved to become a big threat especially when it comes to multiplayer competitive games. Apart from Red Dead Online, players of many other popular games like Fortnite and Call Of Duty: Warzone have complained of being attacked by hackers. While some players or modders sometimes engage in harmless fun with their hacking practices, it doesn’t change the fact that it wrong and illegal.

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