GTA Online Player Gets Trapped Inside Diamond Casino by NPCs

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Ever since it was launched in late 2013, Grand Theft Auto Online has steadily become one of the most popular games in the history of online gaming.

The game has been updated from time to time and that has contributed significantly towards its ascending popularity. However, that doesn’t mean that the game is devoid of issues.

Rockstar Games makes sincere efforts to fix these issues when they crop up but the problems do rear their head at regular intervals. Recently, a player got trapped inside the Diamond Casino and struggled to get out of it.

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The Casino in GTA Online is one of the most popular spots within the game which players like to visit. Apart from offering a large number of gambling games to play, players get to stake their claim on the daily giveaway too. A large number of players drop by the casino once, if not a couple of times, every day to turn the wheel and check whether they win something or not.

Redditor theyhaveher, too, was trying his luck at the Casino when he found himself trapped inside Diamond Casino. When the player set foot inside the casino, the NPCs were not around. This gave the player the confidence to keep moving ahead. As luck would have it, after taking a couple of steps forward, the player found himself surrounded by three NPCs. The player tried to move back but soon enough, he realized that getting out of this situation would not be easy.

Unlike some popular online games, GTA Online doesn’t offer players a GM system to deal with emergency situations like these. The simplest way to get oneself out of this situation would be to log out and then, login again. However, some commentators have pointed out that once a mission or a GTA online heist starts, the player gets transported elsewhere.

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All said, this is a fairly minor issue and can be avoided if the player is careful enough. Before a player starts moving around, he just needs to check whether the NPCs are around. Some of the issues that have cropped up with the game have been quite interesting. Like that one time when cars were flying around without the player controlling them. However, there have been many instances wherein these issues have caused a lot of inconvenience to the players.

Rockstar Games has been quite prompt when it comes to fixing loopholes that players have used to their advantage. They have been equally quick at punishing players who have indulged in these practices. When a player has made money by doing such activities, GTA Online quickly resets their accounts and eliminates any assets that they might have earned using unscrupulous means.

After introducing the CayoPerico heist, one hasn’t really witnessed any significant content upgrades in GTA Online. If rumors are to believed, there will be an expansion in the GTA Online map after GTA 6 is launched officially. This will offer players the opportunity to several more geographical areas in the game.

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